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Network Optimization

What does your optimal supply chain look like?

Supply chain design begins with building a digital twin of your supply chain and then testing it against growth, threats, risks, and opportunities to inform immediate and long term decisions.

  • Where should current and new facilities be located? How large should they be?
  • What modes of transportation and lanes should be used in our network?
  • Which facilities should serve which products to which customers to minimize costs?
  • Where are there opportunities for flow changes to minimize cost or improve service?
  • What happens if transportation costs increase significantly?
  • Is our supply chain suited for future demand?
  • What does an acquisition of another company's complimentary or redundant network look like?

Vehicle Route Optimization

What do your optimal vehicle routes look like?

Vehicle route optimization focuses on strategic planning surrounding delivery and fleet optimization using scenario modeling to determine the most robust solutions.

  • How many tractors, trailers, drivers and routes are needed to deliver all freight? How many should domicile at each depot?
  • Which depots should serve which customers? 
  • What is the optimal size of our transportation fleet?
  • How can we reduce empty miles?
  • How do we optimize third party carrier usage?
  • How do we get equipment in the right place at the right time?
  • Are our routes suited for future demand? Do we have enough capacity?
  • Are we ready for drastic changes in transportation and labor costs?


3TO specializes in supply chain optimization, the discipline that optimizes the longer term design of the supply chain using mathematical tools such as linear/mixed integer optimization.

We’re a team of network design and transportation optimization practitioners that provide software and consulting services. 

We’ve optimized supply chains for customers across many different industries from manufacturers to retailers to 3rd party logistics providers.

After evaluating the marketplace, we decided to build our own software tool from the ground up!

Our Story

Our Story

The story began over dinner in Breda, Netherlands when a couple of supply chain design practitioners were discussing frustrations with current tools in the marketplace. So we decided to build a new tool from the ground up.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are laser-focused on building high-quality, high-fidelity supply chain network optimization tools, built by modelers for modelers, by those living it for those living it.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our tools are cloud-native and use the latest solving technology in MLP optimization & other techniques, driven by refreshingly streamlined modeling constructs.


Supply Chain Architect

A pure supply chain optimization tool developed by
supply chain optimizers and operations leaders.

Streamlined Model Structure

Architect is built on a combination of improving essential modelling structures, cutting out excess and introducing new constructs to streamline the model build process at large.

Refreshed scenario management

Build scenarios directly in database for users who prefer interacting with models in database or use the UI for users who prefer the in-tool experience.

Clean &
current UI

Architect does not overwhelm with too many menus, buttons and tables. The UI flows intuitively and focuses on the solve. It matters when you're up late staring at your screen for hours working on a new solve.

customer stories

Hear what fellow optimizers are saying
about 3TO and Supply Chain Architect

Director of Supply Chain Network Optimization
High growth food chain
The team at 3TO are incredibly knowledgeable about supply chain network design, but they are also approachable and easy to work with. The team offers a high level of support for the Supply Chain Architect tool which has truly been designed by network modelers for network modelers in a very thoughtful way. Working with 3TO will not only help you get the immediate answers you need about your supply chain strategy, but will also enable you with a new skillset and mindset for understanding supply chain networks.
Sr. Manager Network Optimization
Large consumer goods distributor
3TO Architect has been a key part of streamlining our network optimization and analysis process. Architect provides an intuitive structural framework that is flexible enough for us to model many types of business problems and the cloud power to solve them at scale. We’ve put a lot of effort into automating the gathering and cleansing of data and need a tool that can plug in and run complex scenarios without a clunky UI and unnecessary overhead, and Architect is that tool.

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