3 Tenets Optimization

3 Tenets Optimization, or 3TO for short, is a group of supply chain designers and operations leaders whose objective is to deliver the next generation supply chain design tools that provide a cost-effective, designer-centric alternative to tools currently available.

To that end we've named our company on the 3 Tenets we hold most dear:
• Optimization
• Quality
• Focus

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Breda, NL


It all started at a tapas restaurant in Breda, Netherlands in late 2018. Sara and Kunj were discussing their frustrations with the network design tools available at the time. It was simply colleagues sharing concerns, but by early 2019, those concerns turned into a shared ambition of serving the market with a fresh new supply chain design tool.



Atlanta, GA

3TO was formed in 2019 with the goal of creating a powerful, robust & reliable solver engine.




In 2020, 3TO incorporated and hired the first 3TOers. We completed the Beta version of Supply Chain Architect, affectionately known as the “Classic UI."



Still Virtual

2021 saw the introduction of Supply Chain Architect to the market, the successful delivery of several commercial consulting engagements, and the enlisting of key industry partners.


Across the US


2022 is all about growth. This year will be focused on sharing Supply Chain Architect with the everyone looking for an amazing supply chain design solution. 

Meet the Team

Sara Curtis profile picture

Sara Curtis

Supply Chain Designer and
Quality & Customer Solutions
Matt Morton profile picture

Matt Morton

Supply Chain Designer and
Product Development & Engineering
Kunj Pandya profile picture

Kunj Pandya

Supply Chain Designer and
Sales & Finance

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