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Optimizing 100+ branch network for industrial merger

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European auto manufacturer reduces transportation costs

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New fast food chain identifies long-term expansion strategy

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Footwear retailer optimizes product flow and expands for growth

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Major retailer realizes 15% savings in DC network

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Clothing retailer improves customer service levels

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What does your optimal supply chain look like?

Network Optimization Map
Network Optimization
Solve for end-to-end supply chain questions. From line level production to complicated distribution to competing fixed and variable costs.
Vehicle route optimization map
Vehicle Route Optimization
Solve for the optimal long term routing and fleet sizing questions. Account for capacity and compatibility constraints, transportation and labor costs, time windows and hours of service.
Center of Gravity map
Center of Gravity
Run a Greenfield analysis to see how demand would be split up before considering in-depth costs and operational constraints.

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