Supply Chain Architects

A podcast brought to you by 3 Tenets Optimization. Supply Chain Architects is a supply chain optimization podcast covering conversations around technology, industry developments and optimization practices and shared wisdom. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Episode 1
Meet the Founders
Welcome to Supply Chain Architects. In this episode we sit down and get to know the founders of 3TO. We learn about their background and experience, how 3TO came to be, and what the type of company they hope to create in the supply chain optimization industry.
Modeling the madness
Episode 2
Modeling the Madness
Listen along as our founder, Kunj Pandya walks through all that can be modeled in our network design software. One of the most common questions we receive from clients is around modeling. Can this particular portion of our supply chain be modeled? We enjoy walking through all of the many aspects of your supply chain that our software models and how it can bring a lot of powerful answers to your most pressing issues and optimization problems.
Route optimization
Episode 3
Vehicle Routing: The Final Mile Problem
Thanks for listening to Supply Chain Architects. In this episode, we talk about the exciting release of our Vehicle Route Optimization software. We discuss how it helps customers with their supply chain design and why it is such an important part of 3TO's road map as a supply chain optimization software company. We hope you enjoy.
Cloud based solving
Episode 4 (Coming soon)
The Case for the Cloud
In this episode we sit down founder Matt Morton and Enterprise Architect Tiffany Morton to talk about the power of cloud computing. We discuss why the choice was made to build our software on the cloud, as well as the powerful benefits the cloud offers for network designers. We also walk through the concerns of cloud security and the constant focus we put towards keeping our clients data safe and secure. We hope you enjoy this episode and get a glimpse into our passion and excitement of all that cloud computing brings to the supply chain optimization world.
Episode 5 (Coming soon)
A Helping Hand: Consulting with 3TO
The benefits of network design is not reserved only for large organization with teams of analysts. With the help of 3TO's consultants, see how supply chain optimization can answer some of your organizations toughest supply chain questions.

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