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Supply Chain Architect

A pure supply chain optimization tool developed by
supply chain optimizers and operations leaders.

Network Optimization

Network optimization, or supply chain design, solves for end-to-end supply chain questions. From line level production to complicated distribution to competing fixed and variable costs. Use the network optimization to test your digital twin for growth and opportunities and guard against risk and threats.

Powered by cloud, build more scenarios faster than ever before, solve them faster than ever before, and refine your results more diligently than ever before.

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Vehicle Route Optimization

Vehicle route optimization, or transportation optimization, solves for the optimal long term routing and fleet sizing questions. Account for your very real capacity and compatibility constraints, volatile transportation and labor costs, ever-tightening time windows and hours of service.

3TO's vehicle route optimization is a packaged solution, not a developer's toolkit for building routes. It is made for the supply chain modeler, who is focused on answering the business questions and seeking a clean yet powerful solution to help them serve their organization.

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Center of Gravity Analysis

Center of gravity, or greenfield analysis, enables modelers to see how demand would be split up before considering in-depth costs and operational constraints.

Center of gravity does a centroid analysis on your customer demand and gives the added benefits of seeding your solutions with your locations and real locations you would consider. The last thing you want is for your center of gravity to be in the Gulf of Mexico or Death Valley.

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Our Modeler-Centric Approach

Whichever solver fits your need, all of our solutions come with the following modeler-centric features. The more time and energy we save you, the more scenarios you can run and digest, the more refined and confident the solutions are, and ultimately, the more value, savings, and improvements you can drive from your supply chain.

Cloud computing for faster solves

Cloud-based architecture

  • Leverages Microsoft Azure architecture to provide on-demand computing power
  • Built with industry-standard technologies and services, ensuring enterprise-grade security for our customers. Learn More
Phased debugging

Humanized validation & debugging

  • Identify potential model issues before attempting to solve
  • Avoid stopping the user in their tracks, yet avoid waiting until solve time to discover issues
  • Structured, understandable validation results
Supply Chain View on US Map

Out-of-the-Box Cost-to-Serve/Landed Cost

  • Landed cost is a central feature, not an afterthought
  • This data is instrumental in understanding model behavior, yet current tools have inadequate functionality
Model design map

Streamlined network design data model

  • Provides a robust yet simple modeling paradigm
  • Allows users to expand data model as needed to facilitate their workflow
Supply Chain Architect UI

Refreshed scenario management

Provide visual approach for scenario management but also enable direct access to scenario definition tables

Quick Access Reporting

KPI Report

  • Configurable quick report to run immediately after scenario run
  • Can be designed once and reused across scenarios
  • We envision a matrix view of the KPIs across selected scenarios, e.g. Best Buy “compare products”

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